Camomille (teaweed) wrote,

The Chemistry of Lanolin

Preparing for a semester, I shopped a used bookstore. Searching the Chemistry shelves, I saw mostly thick textbooks. My head twisted to the side, I scanned over titles, authors and editions. In all this, I saw a smaller book whose title was printed the opposite way on the spine, throwing my skim out of whack. I pulled it off the shelf and gave it a once over. I got the impression it was self-published, partly from the incongruous spine, but the relatively obscure subject reinforced my guess. Since then, I find myself thinking of it from time to time and wishing I'd bought it. Someone found out enough about lanolin to fill a book, and then thought it was interesting enough that others might want to know about it too. I cracked it open to the contents page and read the chapter titles. One of them had to do with the antibiotic properties of lanolin. I didn't know lanolin had antibiotic properties! Mostly though, I wish I'd bought it because passion is precious (and hopefully infectious). I think a book entitled The Chemistry of Lanolin has to be in an upper percentile of passionate works.
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