Camomille (teaweed) wrote,

Fat Figure Analysis and Fashion: Sheath Dress Comparison

I've been trying to develop my eye and sense of style for a while now. I've read quite a few style/fashion advice books. I always find the visuals insufficient. Recently I discovered the FATshionista group on Flickr. I've been studying the images, comparing them with my own body and trying to understand how to manage proportions on wider bodies and improve my own apparel-body-constructs.

Consider these two lovely ladies, both wearing sheath dresses: They're both busty women. One is tall with comparatively slender extremities, the other petite with more evenly distributed fat.

this is bronco country, originally uploaded by carlene4biggirl.

My opinion is that the first sheath is not particularly flattering while the other is very. But why? Is it just the difference in poses? Or do the necklines make the difference? Is the difference in the fabric--the giraffe print distracting the eye and breaking up bulges? Do sheaths look better on figures that are more balanced or is it that they look better on more indented waists?
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