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Fat Figure Analysis & Fashion: Jeans

I've long heard the advice that skinny jeans are for skinny people and voluptuous people oughta opt for a boot cut. Here's a couple of pear shaped women demonstrating both styles and looking equally awesome in both:

IMG_0762, originally uploaded by emilygoodstein.

It's kinda like those bogus advertisements with before and after photos where the before picture has someone frowning in shade and the after picture has 'em smiling in good light. If anything, I prefer the skinny jeans. But perhaps I'm comparing an apple and an orange; even though they both have bottom heavy figures, i'll compare skinny and bootcut jeans on one person.

3/6/09 Casual Friday, originally uploaded by delicatetbone.

Weekend Shopping 3-14-09, originally uploaded by delicatetbone.

Okay, I can see that hips and thighs are more pronounced in the skinny jeans, but the others make her look bigger all over. How is that slenderizing? It strikes me as more modest and easier to kick off at the end of the day, but not more flattering.
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