Camomille (teaweed) wrote,

Evesdropping is a dismal occupation

My partner A, had just finished his paperwork when our supervisor L, came around and another coworker, R, just happened to walk by on his way for coffee or something. A gab session started, but I was busy with end-of-month badge receipts, so didn't pay much attention at first. The talk turned to 'whipped' men. Someone mentioned the case of M, who sold his motorcycle at his wife's request. Someone else brought up F, who followed his wife when she decided to move to another state. R commented that while he occasionally puts his foot down, his girlfriend gets her way 90% of the time. "It's never 50%," added L, sounding genuinely angry.

Afterward, I felt morose. I thought it might be nice if I were a lesbian, because maybe then the people I'm attracted to would be fond of my gender. A put it all in perspective for me though. "Those divorced guys, giving relationship advice," he said, shaking his head.

I guess it's going to be alright.
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